Become a Håkansson Sågblad partner

By working with us, you’ll benefit from our high-quality bimetal blades, new and innovative products, fast delivery and competitive pricing.

As a partner you benefit from the brand reputation of Håkansson Sågblad. With over 75 years of expertise in bandsaw blades we were the first company outside of the US and the only Swedish manufacturer to make bi-metal blades.

BENEFIT FROM A reliable partnership

We want to bring our specialized high-performance blades as widely as possible so we’re always looking to build lasting relationships with suppliers worldwide.

Your success is our success so we are careful to ensure our partners don’t need to worry about competing against other Håkansson Sågblad partners.


Our association with Hakansson commenced in 1956, and it has been a pleasure for McDiven Saws Pty Ltd to continue to distribute Hakansson bandsaw coils and blades throughout Australia, this being a testament to the excellent quality and reliability of all their bandsaw products as well as the support, backup, friendships and trust made over the years.

Bruce and Carol McDiven, McDiven Saws Pty Ltd (Australia)

Why become a Håkansson Sågblad PARTNER?

Specialized blades

At Håkansson Sågblad our focus is on blades that we master and we know are in demand. So you know that you can sell the right blades for the right job with confidence.

Guaranteed quality through ISO certified processes

Having quality assured blades is increasingly important for clients tendering for business throughout the supply chain. Being able to say that blades are sourced from an ISO-certified supplier can be the difference between clinching a deal and losing it.

Consistency of blades

Through our ISO certified quality processes we ensure that our blades are always the same quality, so there is no hit-or-miss for your customers. This means they get results that they can rely on and will keep coming back for more.

Streamline your stock

As we manufacturer our specialized blades in-house, we’re able to ensure consistent production and speedy delivery. You’ll have access to a reliable supply of material wherever you are in the world.


When you partner with us, you get more than just high-quality bandsaw blades. We provide a whole range of benefits that help your business:

Fast delivery

Flexibility is our strongest point, and we won’t let you wait for your order longer than is needed.

Consistent support

Our experienced customer service team are on hand to help you every step of the way, from product and order queries to advanced marketing support.

Extensive marketing material

As a Håkansson Sågblad partner you benefit from a constantly updated marketing support package to help you with your business. Including FREE and full access to our online Portal with our full range of Partner marketing material:

  • Website templates complete with images text – ready for you to adapt for your own business
  • Listing on our partner map
  • Web banner
  • Advertising
  • Event and trade show material
  • Videos
  • ISO certificates
  • Social media material
  • Complete image library
    Product promotional campaign material
  • High Quality product images
  • Datasheets and brochures
  • Together with predefined messaging

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Would you like to benefit from our specialized blades product range, outstanding service and ongoing partner support?

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