Want truly straight cuts – even on the toughest applications?

You won’t find better blades than Håkansson Sågblad hardbacks.

Made with the highest quality Swedish high carbon steel, they’ll have you sailing through all kinds of substates: medium to high-density foams, wood, non-ferrous metals, and mild steel and more.

Available in the most popular TPIs and profiles, our hard back blades feature hardened teeth for long life. The blades have fantastic fatigue resistance and can be re-sharpened many times so you can count on long life and great value for money too.

What makes our hardbacks so hard to beat?

Not only are the saw teeth heat-treated – like on a Flexback blade – but the backs of our hardback blades are too. That means you can run the welded-to-length saw blade at higher cutting speeds and increased feed rates. What’s more, the hardback gives the blade higher tensile strength for a much straighter cut too!

Silver: Hard & Fast

Hakansson Wood Blade Silver

Hardback blades with a variety of teeth configurations ideal for timber and pallet production. Perfect for delivering higher performance in portable sawmills.

Silver Carpentry: Hard is the New Easy

Hakansson Wood Blade Silver Carpentry

Hardback blades that make cutting different types of woods a walk in the park. Perfect for cuts at higher speeds that don’t need a super smooth surface.