Ready for anything

These blades use a fatigue-resistant M42 high speed Swedish steel cutting edge welded to a flexible steel back – which makes them much tougher than conventional carbon steel blades. They are ideal for all kinds of cutting tasks especially with difficult materials such as stainless or tool steel, graphite, aluminum, nickel and titanium.
Choose from four high quality Håkansson Sågblad M42 blades depending on your specific priorities.


The perfect all-round blade

Your go-to multi-purpose choice suitable for a broad range of cutting tasks including beams and solid materials. Versatile and strong with consistent and reliable performance, no wonder it’s our best-selling blade.

• Aluminum • Graphite • Stainless steel • Tool steel


The high production blade

The choice for high production rates thanks to a specially designed tooth shape for improved chip removal especially on mild to moderate machinable solids. Delivering high wear resistance and a smoother cut it is also significantly quieter than comparable blades.

• Alloy Steels • Aluminum • Bearing steel • Carbon steel • Non-ferrous mold steel • Stainless steel • Tool steel


The low-vibration blade for pipes & profiles

For high performance cutting of profile, pipe and structural steel materials, PowerMax is your blade. Its unique tooth profile also makes it ideal for bundle cutting in one or multiple layers. Shock resistant, it also reduces vibration, noise level and tooth breakage.

• Structural steel • Machining steel • Hot processing steel • Non-alloy tool steel • Powder steel


The heavy duty blade

The blade for the most demanding jobs especially in difficult to cut materials and larger pieces. With a specially designed tooth for improved chip flow it offers fast cutting of wide cross sections of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. High heat and wear resistance mean extra long blade life.

• Cobalt-based materials • Ferrous metals • Hastelloy • Non-ferrous metals • Stainless steel • Titanium