Less Dust More Profit

Cut faster than ever with our new Silver Log Dust Remover* blade

Silver Log Dust Remover Blade
Silver Log Dust Remover Blade

Born in the frozen Swedish wilderness

Our revolutionary Dust Remover blade has proven ideal for cutting frozen hardwood in the wintry wilds of the Swedish countryside.
So you can be sure it’s built to perform wherever you plan to use it!

The unique design of our new blade removes dust as you cut. That means sawing can run faster, easier and cleaner.
Which all translates into higher productivity for your sawing operation.
What’s more, by removing more than 90% of the sawdust produced, you also reduce the risk of mold forming on stacked boards.

Innovative design

Håkansson Sågblad - Silver Log Angle


The Dust Remover blade features a unique tooth profile developed by the experts at Håkansson Sågblad.
Featuring ground teeth and edge hardening, it’s suitable for cutting all kinds of timber and boards – especially hardwoods.


  • More than 90% dust reduction
  • Higher throughput and productivity
  • Reduced risk of mold
  • Easier handling and less finishing required thanks to cleaner cut
  • Reduced material waste
  • Time and energy savings

Our full range of Blades for Wood

The SILVER LOG DUST REMOVER* is the latest addition to Håkansson Sågblad Bandsaw blades for wood.

SILVER LOG* – High-performance ground tooth with edge hardening. Especially suited for pallet resawing.

* Available in select markets. Please contact your local distributor or Håkansson Sågblad for availability.


SILCO™ – High quality, flexibility and performance make the blade ideal for friction cutting.

SILCO LOG™ – Our most popular saw blade for portable sawmills.


M42 LOG™ – An HSS blade that delivers high performance and durability.

HOBBY – Specially designed for small bandsaw machines with small diameter wheels.