Description of problem
Complete sections of teeth broken from the band backing.

Likely causes:

  1. Improper Tooth Pitch. This is the number 1 cause of tooth strippage.
  2. The band saw is a wood cutting saw. When running a Bi-Metal Blades at high speeds like a wood machine which runs much faster in terms of surface feet per minute tooth strippage will occur more easily.
  3. Teeth getting too hot, causing the teeth to strip.
  4. Improper or lack of break-in procedure.
  5. Worn, missing or improperly positioned chip brush.
  6. Excessive feeding rate or feed pressure.
  7. Movement or vibration of the material being cut.
  8. Improper positioning of material being cut.
  9. Not enough sawing fluid.
  10. Hard spots in the material being cut.
  11. Band speed too slow for the material being cut.
Tooth Strippage