High-Performance Coatings

Re-Bo Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blades with an additional surface refinement.


Re-Bo Top

Re-Bo-Top coated metal cutting circular saw blades

The ‘Re-Bo-Top’ metal-cutting circular saw blades have the Top-performance coating of metal-cutting circular saw blades. This coating is highly resistant to wear and temperature and has outstanding anti-frictional properties. The sphere of application for this coating is wherever top cutting performance beyond the capability of even the TiN coating is required. Since the advantages of this coating, as for the TiN coating, are at their most effective on first use, any economy analysis of the Re-Bo-Top must take account of the reduction in edge life after resharpening, as described for the Re-Bo-TiN.

Re-Bo Tin

TiN-coated metal cutting circular saw blades (gold surface)

Metal-cutting circular saw blades marked with the label shown above have a surface hardened by titanium nitride coating. TiN-coated metal-cutting circular saws can provide significantly longer edge life. To make the best use of the improved capability, TiN-coated metal-cutting circular saw blades should be used at 50–100 % higher cutting speeds. However, the economical application of TiN-coatings for metal-cutting circular saw blades is limited by the fact that the above advantages are to a large extent lost after only the first resharpening, since metal-cutting circular saw blades, unlike other HSS metal-cutting tools, need to have both their effective cutting angle and effective clearance angle fully reground. After the first resharpening, the coating on both faces remains intact for further use.


Re-Bo Spezial

Special-treatment metal cutting circular saw blades

The metal cutting circular saw blades marked with the label shown above are equipped with an additional surface refinement (color: slightly speckled grey). The hardness of these saw blades is increased at the surface to a depth of 0,005 to 0,01 mm to slightly over 1000 HV total hardness. This well-proven treatment is specially used for handling materials that tend to stick to the saw blade, also called building-up cutting or material welding. Such difficulties, often resulting in breaking of teeth or even in breaking of the saw blade, can be avoided to a large extent due to the increased hardness of the saw blade surface by special treatment (while retaining optimal tenacity). This also results in improved sliding ability and increased lifetime depending on the strength of the material to be cut. This treatment is preferred particularly for metal cutting circular saw blades used on power-driven circular saws.


Re-Bo Extra

Steam-treated metal cutting circular saw blades (dark-blue surface)

The metal cutting circular saw blades marked with the label shown above are covered with an oxide coating applied in a special vaporization process. The oxide coating is approx. 0,005 to 0,01 mm thick. However, contrary to the specially treated or TiN-coated saw blades, an increased hardness of surface is not obtained by means of the steam treatment. Steam-treated metal cutting circular saw blades also feature good sliding ability and material welding is avoided to a large extent. In addition, good absorption capacity for coolant is obtained. However, the resistance against abrasion of the oxide layer is limited and the mentioned advantages are partly lost after extensive use.

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