Quality & Environment

Quality and Environment are important to us

Everything we produce is characterized by quality awareness, and we set our quality standards high. Good quality also means better economics – both for us and our customers. We also consider which environmental alternatives are available when we plan purchases of new machines, tools or other investments.

Quality Policy

With optimum use of resources, we aim to provide products of such quality that we meet both the expressed and expected demands of our customers. Our customer must always know that we are the best possible partner. We achieve this by producing and marketing products at an appropriate technical level with the intended, consistent quality. We offer competitive prices and supply products in the right way at the right time, whether it’s a band saw blade, circular saw blade or band knife.

Aiming for continual improvement

Every employee shall continually strive to improve procedures and quality in their individual work. We shall give our staff the correct information and training they need so that they can perform to the best of their ability.

We shall ensure that there are always good relations between the company, staff and customers.

Saw optimization is profitable for customers

We can also offer saw optimisation to customers. This involves an analysis of the customer’s entire machinery and tooling environment, and often leads to significant savings.

Co-operation is important

We work to ensure effective co-operation with all our suppliers to safeguard quality levels and delivery times.

Environment Policy

We work continually with environmental improvements by developing our business with consideration for its environmental impact through emissions, waste and resource utilisation. We work in accordance with current environmental legislation and requirements while meeting internal and external expectations.

Meeting all environmental requirements

Sweden is one of the most developed environmental societies. In Sweden, high demands are set for the work environment and for noise and emissions in the external environment. We meet all national and international demands with a broad margin.

We take a holistic view

We comply with environmental legislation and we are proud of our good reputation. Continuous improvements are made in line with increased environmental demands on our products. New product development and new investment are carried out from a holistic perspective that considers environmental effects, economic viability and technical opportunities.

We evaluate our business regularly from an environmental perspective to detect and implement improvements.