Circular saw blade steel

Julia Evolution

A new saw blade developed by our R&D department together with the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Trento.

This is a new product developed by our R&S department together with the mechanical division of the Trento’s university. Our goal was to find a special saw blade to improve the cutting speed when working with steel pipes and solid bars with hardness 650 – 850 MPa, when using high performance cut off machines.

This product is recommended to cut carbon steel and stainless steel. The most important characteristics of the EVOLUTION circular saw blades are:

  • Special HSS steel with high wear resistance and extra fine grain.
  • Multilayer PVD coating with a surface hardness higher than 3400 HV.
  • Special production process with very tight manufacturing tolerances.
  • Side run out and flatness are very low.

EVOLUTION is manufactured with the best coating ever developed by Julia’s R&S department. This is a coating with a special composition, achieved by following a precise and specific recipe of noble elements, which achieves the highest surface hardness amongst traditional coatings, and offers great heatsinking capacity.

Julia Evolution

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