Circular saw blade carbide

Julia Jointek Intruder

Carbide circular saw blade with PVD coating that removes welding residues inside pipes. Welding residues are one of the major challenges in the industry as they make cutting difficult and shorten the life of saw blades.

  • TCT HM P.V.D. Coated circular saw blade. One of the industry challenges is to remove welding residue inside pipes, which drastically compromises the cutting, and thus the blade life.
  • This problem decreases the life of the circular saw blade by damaging the carbide tip, especially on standard TCT saw blades.
  • Due to its special design and reinforced tooth form, Jointek Intruder has a very specific tooth geometry in order for it to withstand heavy duty cutting cycles with violent bumps, on continuous welded pipes.
Julia Jointek Intruder

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