Resharpenable carbide circular saw blade

Julia Rototek Hornet

Resharpenable carbide circular saw blade with PVD coating for cutting pipes with a wall thickness of more than 3 mm.

  • TCT HM P.V.D. Coated Re-sharpenable circular saw blade used for cutting tubes with wall thickness greater than 3 mm.
  • These saw blades have been designed for orbital flying cut-off applications on tube mills.
  • Key features of these products are fracture resistant carbide tips and low vibration during the cutting process.
  • The result is a very long blade life when used on machines such as: Kusakabe, Linsinger, Mair, Nakata, Oto Mills, Sms-Meer.
  • Material: HM – Coating: PVD. Orbital cutting pipe and tube.
Julia Rototek Hornet

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