Circular saw blade steel

Julia Ultra

A true premium product in Julia’s range of high-speed steel blades. A blade that combines the high strength of steel with the performance of carbide.

The top of Julia’s range of HSS saw blades, offering the high tenacity of steel and the performance of carbide.

This circular saw blade is normally used by our customers who cut hard steel > 1250 MPa.

Using this very special product, it is usually possible to achieve better results than with TCT carbide saw blades. Julia recommends ULTRA to cut very hard steel in the automotive industry, for stainless steel, titanium etc.

Julia Ultra

The most important features of this product are:

  • Special HSS steel saw blade with hardness above 950 HV and extra fine grain.
  • Innovative multilayer PVD coating with a surface hardness higher than 3650 HV.
  • Production process with very tight manufacturing tolerances.
  • Teeth with a specific profile for high performance cuts.
  • Restricted “side-runout” tolerances always apply with Ultra.

The result: Hardness, tenacity, finish and durability – all you need for an excellent cut.

ULTRA is provided with the best coating ever developed by Julia’s R&S department.

This is a coating with a special composition, achieved by following a precise and specific recipe of noble elements, which achieves the highest surface hardness amongst traditional coatings and offers great heatsinking capacity.

Thanks to its very limited side-runout, restricted cutting tolerances are always respected, even on the toughest materials and in difficult conditions. This combination makes the Ultra the top performing blade on the market.

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