Can stand
the heat


For tough and demanding production

The M42 Optimizer™ is designed to handle difficult to cut materials and larger pieces without overheating.
Its specially designed tooth can channel more material through the gullet for improved chip flow which results in a high cutting rate especially on large crosssections ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Optimizer™ is ideal for production creation in coarse homogeneous workpieces in stainless, Hastelloy, titanium or cobalt-based materials.
It features particularly high heat and wear resistance for increased blade life – especially when sawing material that can work harden if not consistently penetrated. No more blue and black spots with Optimizer™!
Proven in the field over many years this premium blade is the choice of professionals who want high durability, speed and power in a performance blade.

  • Tooth profile: POV II
Hakansson Metal Blade M42 OptimizerHakansson Metal Blade M42 Optimizer

Tooth Profile

Hakansson Metal Blade M42 Optimizer


Hakansson Metal Blade M42 Optimizer


mm 1.25 0.8/1.3 1.3/2 inches
34 x 1.1 1 1/4 x .042
41 x 1.3 1 1/2 x .050
54 x 1.6 2 x .063
67 x 1.6 2 5/8 x .063

Teeth / inch
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